Turkey continues its efforts to prevent violence against women with a multidimensional and holistic approach with zero tolerance, the country’s president said on Thursday.

“Any regulation, approach or ideology trying to harm our families is not humane, nor it is legitimate,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at a ceremony marking the ruling party’s 19th foundation anniversary.

“If we step back from protecting women, we would not be able to answer anyone,” he added.

“While there are so many regulations in favor of women in the country, we will not leave this issue to those who try to make this issue an excuse to dehumanize our values,” the president said.

During his speech, Erdogan recalled Turkey’s economic development under the rule of Justice and Development (AK) party for the past 19 years.

Once the impact of the coronavirus pandemic falls, he said, Turkey will start a new era in its economy and it will be an era of progress.

He said Turkey’s locally produced car will hopefully be in the market in 2022 and Turkey will be a leader country in terms of electric vehicles.

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