Zambia wants to ink a free trade deal with Turkey, the ambassador of East African country said, also inviting Turkish businessmen and the private sector for investment in Zambia.

Speaking at a meeting of businesspeople in Ankara, Turkey’s capital, Zambia’s Ambassador to Turkey Joseph Chilengi recalled that a number of trade agreements between the two countries went into effect recently.

He said Zambia adopted the Turkish economic model as an example and was steadily moving towards its development goals.

Mentioning the growing impact of large-scale economies such as India and China on Zambia’s economy, Chilengi said: “At this point, we invite Turkey to Zambia as an economic power. We want to see the

Turkish private sector to be more active in our country.”

Chilengi added that Zambia was ready to use the Turkish lira in foreign trade, also expressing Zambia’s support for Turkey over the Eastern Mediterranean issue.

Also speaking at the event, Atilla Ovunc, a lawmaker of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party and member of the Turkish parliament’s committee on foreign affairs, said Turkey sought to bridge both countries.

Ovunc said 20,000 facemasks were donated to Zambia by a local Turkish municipality. The lawmaker also said Turkey provided health supplies to countries in a difficult condition, adding this was a source of pleasure for Ankara and non-governmental organizations.

*Writing by Ali Murat Alhas

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