KOCAELİ, Turkey 

Kartepe, one of Turkey’s important winter tourism centers, attracts the attention of both domestic and foreign tourists with its geographical location, accessibility, and natural beauty in the country’s northwest.

The ski center in Kartepe, offering simultaneous views of the Samanli Mountains, Sapanca Lake, and Izmit Bay, is located 18 kilometers (11.2 miles) from the Kartepe district of the Kocaeli province, 40 kilometers (24.8 miles) from the city center, and 100 kilometers (62.1 miles) from the Turkish metropolis Istanbul.

Kartepe ski center in northwest Turkey attracts local and foreign tourists with its 17 ski tracks

The ski center, packed with beech, hornbeam, ash, alder, chestnut, and oak trees, can be reached from three routes in the Samanli Mountains.
Ski lovers who want to go to the ski resort are greeted by trout facilities and local businesses at the mountains’ foothills.

Holidaymakers can shop or participate in ziplining, paintball, horse riding, safari tours, where local businesses offer authentic flavors and handmade products.

As they arrive at the ski resort, the holidaymakers are greeted by a four-star hotel serving 250 rooms, 50 chalets, and five elite villas.

As part of the pandemic measures, tourists arriving at the resort must submit their individual electronic HES codes to show their infection status — available through a free smartphone app — while their body temperatures are also checked.

Hotel areas extensively by holidaymakers are frequently disinfected.
Announcements also warn tourists about COVID-19 measures on the ski slopes.

An amount of 20 million Turkish liras ($2.8 million) was invested in the ski resort for COVID-19 measures and arrangements in the facilities.

Nearest ski resort to Istanbul

In the resort — the closest one to Istanbul, Sakarya, and Yalova provinces in northwestern Turkey — holidaymakers can take advantage of the ski center’s opportunities.

The resort is established in 35 square kilometers (13.3 square miles), with ski slopes at lengths between 450-3,200 meters (1,476-10,498 feet).

It has 17 ski slopes located in the center, with three chairlifts, two ski lifts, and two sled areas serving both amateur and professional skiers.

Holidaymakers gliding down from the top of the ski slopes created along the trees see unique views.
For children and beginners in skiing, training by experts is provided in the facility.

The resort, with its 2,500 square meters (8,202 feet) spa center and one of the largest ski rooms in Turkey, also provides ski, snowboarding, and ski clothing rental opportunity, while visitors can store personal belongings in rental cabinets.

Kartepe Ski Resort is preferred by ski and snowboard enthusiasts in winter and by those interested in football, basketball, volleyball, and indoor sports during camping periods.

Search and rescue teams of the Turkish gendarmerie are working for those stranded, lost, or injured for any reason on the resort’s ski slopes. In such a situation, the teams with snowmobiles are prepared to help holidaymakers immediately.

Kuzuyayla and Suadiye nature parks and Natural Life Park Ormanya are also among places frequently visited by holidaymakers coming to the region.

* Writing by Merve Berker in Ankara.

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