YOZGAT, Turkey

A whirlwind in Turkey’s central Yozgat province caused material damage in three villages on Tuesday.

The whirlwind, which ripped through the Emirler, Kulhuyuk, and Akocak villages of the Sorgun district, toppled electricity poles, destroyed trees, and took out roofs.

Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) and local gendarmerie teams started to evaluate the cost of damage.
Cansever Yildiz, a 63-year-old resident of Emirler village, said that the whirlwind caused a disaster in the village within seconds.

“We clung to the door with my husband. We thought it would demolish the house. It knocked down the trees. We could not go out. If we had, it would have carried people like lightweight paper. Neighbors suffered a lot of damage. God helped us. Everything happened suddenly,” she said.

Another resident Veli Pinarci, 55, said he did not see such a natural disaster before. “I was sitting at home when the wind came out. I saw something blue in the sky. I said, ‘the sky grounded.'”

Whirlwind in central Turkey caused material damage in three villages

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