Novel coronavirus cases in Western Balkan countries continued to rise Thursday.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in March, Bosnia and Herzegovina has registered the highest number of daily cases with 9,462 from an increase of 347 new infections in the last 24 hours.

While 274 people have died, 4,367 patients have recovered from the virus.

Serbia registered 22,443 cases and 508 deaths, with 17,286 recoveries.

Montenegro, the country where the virus was last spread in Europe, the number of cases stands at 2,381, with 35 deaths.

The “epidemic” situation was declared in Montenegro, where the number of recoveries was as little as 426.

Meanwhile, Croatia registered 4,634 cases and 128 deaths, while 3,394 patients have recovered.

In North Macedonia, 9,547 people have tested positive with COVID-19, 442 people have died and 5,71 have recovered.

In Albania, the number of cases reached 4,358, with 120 deaths and 2,463 recoveries.

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