The Golden State Warriors on Sunday ended their four-game losing streak after a 131-119 home victory over the Western Conference leaders Utah Jazz.

Warriors power forward Draymond Green posted a triple-double with 11 points, 12 rebounds and 12 assists in California.

The team’s superstar Stephen Curry scored 32 points and produced nine assists.

Another Warriors member Andrew Wiggins added 28 points.

French center Rudy Gobert racked up 24 points and a career-high 28 rebounds for the Jazz.

Utah shooting guard Donovan Mitchell scored 24 points as well.

Meanwhile, Mike Conley had 23, Jordan Clarkson added 21 points for the Jazz.

Utah’s Turkish forward Ersan Ilyasova did not play in this match.

The Warriors were in a losing row for four games as they last won against the Charlotte Hornets 130-121 on Feb. 27.

Then the California team lost against the Los Angeles Lakers, Portland Trail Blazers, Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Clippers, respectively.

In the ninth spot in the Western Conference standings, Golden State won 20 games but lost 19 others.

This season, Utah have a 28-10 win/loss record to top the West.


Oklahoma City Thunder – Memphis Grizzlies: 128-122

Golden State Warriors – Utah Jazz: 131-119

Philadelphia 76ers – San Antonio Spurs: 134-99

Orlando Magic – Miami Heat: 97-102

Atlanta Hawks – Cleveland Cavaliers: 100-82

Houston Rockets – Boston Celtics: 107-134

Minnesota Timberwolves – Portland Trail Blazers: 114-112

Chicago Bulls – Toronto Raptors: 118-95

New Orleans Pelicans – Los Angeles Clippers: 135-115

*First team home team

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