BINGOL, Turkey

Five-floored Zag Caves in this eastern province have recently emerged as one of the must-visit locations for adventure lovers in search of isolated routes. 

It is located 23 kilometers (14 miles) from the city center in the village of Kusburnu and overlooks the dam of Yukari Kalekoy. The caves mesmerize visitors with man-built rooms that are connected.

As nature lovers’ interest in caves recently rose drastically with the ongoing normalization of the coronavirus pandemic; visitors are amazed by the scenery available at the caves, which are reachable by ropes.

Kenan Nihat Elci, head of the association of photography and cinema in Bingol, said the region recently become much more popular.

Elci said the cave, which has 26 rooms, has survived since the 5th century and each floor was independent of another and residents could move between caves, thanks to stairs.

“It is a beautiful and worth-seeing place for travelers with a magnificent view,” he said.

An academic visiting the cave, Mahmut Cakan, said he rushed to the area once coronavirus restrictions were eased. He said the ancient location was a wonder that should be visited by everyone.

Mahir Zoroglan said he was amazed by the scenery and that many tourists could visit the area.

University student Esra Cicek said the region was uniquely beautiful and recommended everyone visit the caves, especially those looking forward to bringing history and nature together.

*Writing by Ali Murat Alhas

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