Coronavirus cases in Africa have reached 232,815 Sunday, said an update by the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, while the number of fatalities went up to 6,244.

It said 106,459 patients have recovered, leaving the number of active cases at 111,112.

By region, Southern Africa has the most number of cases with 69,300, while North Africa follows with 65,400.

West Africa recorded 49,500 cases, East Africa 25,900, and Central Africa 22,700.

North Africa, however, has the highest number of fatalities from the virus, now standing at 2,600, while the number of people who died of the virus in Southern Africa was 1,500 on Sunday and counting.

West Africa has recorded 932 deaths so far, East Africa 802, and Central Africa 471.

The country of South Africa alone has recorded 65,700 cases, 1,400 deaths, and 36,900 recoveries, while Egypt in North Africa recorded 43,000 cases, 1,500 deaths, and 11,500 recoveries.

In West Africa, Nigeria – with Africa’s highest population – suffered 407 deaths, Sudan in East Africa had 447 deaths, and Cameroon in Central Africa had 214.

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