Coronavirus cases and fatalities continued to rise across Eurasian and Central Asian countries on Wednesday.


Moldova reported 426 coronavirus cases, bringing the total to 23,947.

Six more people died of COVID-19 in the country, raising the death toll to 759. A total of 16,785 people have recovered.


Azerbaijan reported 363 fresh cases, bringing the tally to 31,221. The death toll reached 438, and 24,495 people have so far recovered from the disease.

Over 708,000 tests have so far been conducted in the country. A total of 6,288 are still receiving medical treatment.


In Uzbekistan, 205 more people contracted the virus, raising the tally to 22,374.

Two more fatalities brought the toll to 129, while 403 more recoveries over the past 24 hours raised the total to 12,668.

The Health Ministry said 9,577 people are currently receiving treatment and 95,000 people remain under surveillance.


In Belarus, another 152 people were confirmed to have contracted the virus, bringing the total to 67,518. The number of recoveries reached 61,442.

The death toll hit 548 after five more people died from the virus.


Tajikistan reported 44 more cases over the past 24 hours, raising the overall count in the country to 7,320.

A total of 6,103 people recovered while the death toll stands at 60. The treatment of 1,157 others continues.


Since first appearing in China last December, the novel coronavirus has spread to at least 188 countries and regions. The US, Brazil, and Russia are currently the countries hardest hit in the world.

The pandemic has killed over 662,000 people worldwide, with over 16.8 million confirmed cases and over 9.8 million recoveries, according to figures compiled by the US’ Johns Hopkins University.

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