Spanish La Liga squad Villarreal confirmed Saturday that Santi Cazorla and Bruno Soriano will play the final match for the club.

“Villarreal have given me everything. At the age of 18, they opted to sign a boy from Oviedo who knew no-one. I am proud to be able to finish my career with Bruno,” Cazorla said in a video posted on the club’s Twitter account.

“It makes it even more special being with Bruno until the very last day when we’ve experienced almost everything at this club together,” he added.

Cazorla, 35, scored 57 goals and had 56 assists in 328 games for Villarreal, while Soriano, 36, had 31 goals and 25 assists in 422 appearances.

The club will play Eibar in the final match of the 2019-20 La Liga campaign.

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