CARACAS, Venezuela

The Venezuelan government and opposition reached a partial agreement during their latest round of talks in Mexico.

Talks last weekend represent the latest attempt to resolve the country’s political crisis.

The two sides agreed to work on issues related to the “social protection” of the Venezuelan people. They include areas like health care access and food security.

A statement said the deal “gives priority to addressing social protection measures to the Venezuelan people aimed at satisfying their needs in the areas of health and food, especially those corresponding to the prevention and care of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

It also noted that the two parties will review financial issues derived from international sanctions against Venezuela.

“The parties agree to designate, each one, two representatives to establish a review process of the inconveniences derived from the compliance in the financial system in operations related to ‘sanctions’ in order to guarantee the resources for the social care of the people of Venezuela in the matters contained in this agreement,” it said.

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro said early Tuesday that he applauded the outcome of the talks.

“Here is the partial agreement for the Social Protection of the Venezuelan People, which seeks the social welfare of all, understanding the effects of criminal sanctions on the economy and claiming independence, sovereignty, and self-determination,” he said on Twitter.

The primary mediator of the talks, Norway, said Monday that the two parties agreed on the first point of discussion for the next round of negotiations.

The first point of discussion will be Venezuela’s rule of law, from the country’s justice system to the electoral commission.

The next round of talks is set for Sept. 24, also in Mexico.

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