A hidden wonder among steep mountains in eastern Turkey, the Pulumur Valley attracts visitors with its stunning scenery.

The valley, which is located in Tunceli province among mountains with an altitude of 3,000 meters (almost 9,850 feet), showcases a different environment in every season of the year with its rich flora, virgin nature, biological diversity, and historical beauties.

It is a natural tourism asset frequented by visitors from surrounding cities with the natural formation called “weeping rocks” by the locals because of dripping water, a bridge built on the Pulumur Stream and the small caves carved on the slope of a mountain.

In the valley, where the wonders of both spring and winter are observed together with the increasing heat, the flowers blooming in certain areas, the flowing stream, and waterfalls offer fascinating views.

The wild goats, which are under protection and whose hunting is forbidden, contribute to the natural scenery of the mountains where they travel in herds.

Cuneyt Coskun, one of the visitors, told Anadolu Agency that spring has sprung in the region.

“With the melting of snow, streams and waterfalls began to flow with pleasant sounds. We spend most of our time in Pulumur Valley now,” Coskun said.

They pay day trips to the valley and have picnic there, he said, adding: “While there is winter at one side, the flowers, harbingers of spring, began to bloom on the other side.”

Volkan May, a nature lover, also said that the city offers various wonders in each season.

“Here [in the Pulumur Valley], two seasons started to coexist. While there is snow on the summits of the mountains, flowers bloom in the lower part,” May said, recommending people to come and enjoy those beauties.

*Writing by Sena Guler​​​​​​​

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