Dispelling the prevailing misinformation about coronavirus vaccines, Turkish experts have said that inoculation is the only way out of the crippling COVID-19 pandemic.

Drawing attention to the importance of accurate information, doctors said there should be no doubt about the vaccines being developed, and only the information given by officials, including the Health Ministry, should be relied upon.

Phase 3 studies of potential vaccines have started giving successful results in terms of their reliability and effectiveness. At this point, experts warned, vaccine ‘infodemic’ on social media could threaten public health.

Dr. Mustafa Necmi Ilhan, dean at the Gazi University Medical School in the capital Ankara and a member of Health Ministry’s Social Science Board, told Anadolu Agency that vaccines have always benefitted humanity, and many deadly diseases have ended or been controlled through immunization.

“The only way to get rid of COVID-19 is vaccination,” he said, adding that Turkish citizens would soon receive the shots.

“Misinformation is continuing… what the society needs to do is to turn to the right sources of information.”

“No matter which company or country produces the vaccine, it is essential for everyone to get vaccinated to end this outbreak,” said Dr. Afsin Emre Kayipmaz, a member of Turkey’s Coronavirus Scientific Advisory Board.

“Please wear your mask properly, do not join crowds and keep a sanitizer with you always to disinfect your hands, frequently.”

He urged the citizens to disregard hearsay such that anti-vaxxers are discouraged, and hoped one day all will be back to normal.

*Writing by Merve Berker

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