A woman in an electric wheelchair robbed a bank in the US state of Florida on Monday, according to police reports.

The robbery took place in downtown Jacksonville where a Black woman with short blond hair, wearing a COVID-19 mask and covered in a red blanket came into a Regions Bank branch, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

After handling some banking business with a teller, Kenyeitta La-Key Gordon, 39, started cursing at the teller, demanding money by saying it is a robbery and she was “going to kill everyone,” it added.

There were four employees and two other customers inside the bank during that time.

After the teller gave her money, Gordon left the bank in her wheelchair, but the bank identified her from the ID card she used to access her account.

Officers from the sheriff’s department found Gordon in her wheelchair about a mile from the bank and arrested her.

Although the sheriff’s report did not specify Gordon’s disability, Duval County jail records showed that she has 12 previous arrests.

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