The US Senate passed a budget resolution Friday morning that would pave the way to adopt President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief plan.

The resolution passed 51-50 in favor of the Democrats with Vice President Kamala Harris casting her first tie-breaker vote in her new role.

Although the House of Representatives has adopted its own budget resolution on Wednesday, it is likely to have a final vote again later Friday to agree on the new terms of the Senate.

The outcome is significant as Democrats are seeking to have power to pen a relief bill in following weeks that can pass both chambers without any Republican votes due to special budget rules.

The latest resolution is not Biden’s relief plan itself, but passing it eases Democrats’ efforts to use a budget reconciliation process in order to pass the relief bill with their votes.

Despite asking for a bipartisan support in his COVID-19 relief plan, Biden has earlier indicated that he could go forward without Republicans’ support, but also signaled that he can make some concessions for bipartisan content in legislation.

Biden’s relief plan is expected to be voted later this month, or early March, once the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump is completed in the Senate.

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