BOGOTA, Colombia

Navy Petty Officer Chazzman Chung was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison on Tuesday for sexually abusing a teen boy at a US naval submarine base in the state of Massachusetts.

The 29-year old naval cryptological technician, who installed intelligence gear in submarines, was stationed at the base in the town of Groton when he met a 13-year-old using the Grindr dating app in 2018. 

Prosecutors said Chung picked up the boy in December 2018, took him to the barracks at the base and engaged in sex with him. Although the victim’s profile indicated he was 18, the boy told Chung he was 14.

Chung, who admitted to the crime, was charged with sexual abuse of a minor in October 2019 and pleaded guilty in February.

The officer faced 18 to 24 months in prison, but the federal public defender argued for a sentence at the bottom of the range because Chung took full responsibility for the crime.

*Writing by Corey Blackman

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