The Honduran president’s brother and a former congressman, Tony Hernandez, was sentenced to life in prison for drug trafficking by a US judge, according to the Justice Department.

The department said Tuesday in a statement that Hernandez will also pay $138.5 million in forfeiture for 185 tons of cocaine import, weapons, and false statements.

He was convicted in October 2019 of large-scale drug trafficking in a New York trial before US District Judge P. Kevin Castel, who also imposed the life sentence.

Hernandez “was involved in all stages of the trafficking through Honduras of multi-ton loads of cocaine” destined for the US, said Manhattan Attorney Audrey Strauss.

“Hernandez bribed law enforcement officials to protect drug shipments, arranged for heavily armed security for cocaine shipments, and brokered large bribes from major drug traffickers to powerful political figures, including the former and current presidents of Honduras.”

“Hernandez was complicit in at least two murders,” Strauss continued. “Today, Tony Hernandez was rightly sentenced to life in prison.”

Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernandez is also accused of helping smuggle tons of cocaine into the US.

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