The US ambassador to Turkiye on Wednesday paid a visit to the photo exhibition of Anadolu Agency, the country’s premier news source.

Jeffry Flake was welcomed at the headquarters in the capital Ankara by Serdar Karagoz, the agency’s director general, and Yusuf Ozhan, the deputy director general and editor-in-chief.

As Karagoz voiced his pleasure to host Flake, he also briefed the envoy on Anadolu Agency’s global news presence and journalistic mission.

Ozhan made a presentation on the mission, vision, and goals of Anadolu Agency and also showed some headlines and photographs of the agency that were featured in international media outlets.

Flake, for his part, highlighted the importance of improving Turkish-US relations and the key role the media plays in this, especially Anadolu Agency.

The US envoy then paid visit to an exhibition featuring a selection of photographs of Anadolu Agency which was used widely in global media, including photos from war in Ukraine and Syria.

Anadolu Agency is a leading global news agency operating across the world. It serves subscribers in more than 100 countries, including in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Flake, a former US senator for the state of Arizona, has served as the US ambassador to Turkiye since this January.

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