AMMAN, Jordan

A Jordanian mother and her son were killed in a gun attack by a “drug addict” in Las Vegas, the US state of Nevada, according to Jordan’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Thursday.

“The Jordanian Embassy in Washington is following the incident that led to the death of a Jordanian woman and her son,” said Daifallah Alfayez.

Alfayez noted that according to preliminary investigations, the perpetrator, who lived nearby the Jordanian family, thought the family filed a complaint against him on drug abuse, and went to their apartment, opened fire at the mother, her daughter, and a maid from another nationality.

The mother and the maid died of their wounds, while the daughter was transferred to a hospital for treatment.

Alfayez added that the perpetrator held the mother’s son as a hostage who was then killed when the police exchanged fire with the perpetrator.

The spokesperson noted that the Jordanian embassy is in contact with the authorities in Las Vegas and with the family to provide support.

* Ahmed Asmar contributed to this report from Ankara.

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