BINGOL, Turkey

A unique tulip, known as Crown Imperial or Fritillaria Imperialis, is now in bloom in the mountainous areas of eastern Turkey as spring has arrived.

The inverted tulip is known by locals in Turkey as aglayan gelin or crying bride and in late spring has clusters of bell-shaped flowers.

Grown especially in mountainous areas in eastern provinces such as Mus and Hakkari, the flower can also be seen in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

A local from Bingol, Ziya Sozen, told Anadolu Agency that he has seen the unique tulip for the first time.

“The villagers found them by chance,” Sozen said. “These tulips grow on their own in their natural environment inside the forest,” he said.

The Crown Imperial flower has red, yellow or orange blooms often with a crown on top.

*Writing by Handan Kazanci

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