Turkey is one of the best holiday choices thanks to its rigid coronavirus measures, a Ukrainian consul said on Monday.

Viacheslav Khomenko, the consul of Ukraine in the touristic Antalya province of Turkey, said commercial flights between both countries would start as of July 1, and Ukrainians would flock to Turkey.

Khomenko said Ankara administration handled coronavirus outbreak with the utmost care and this would have positive effects on tourism, thus making Turkey “one of the best holiday options.”

“1.5 million Ukrainian citizens visited Turkey last year, this figure might decline due to the pandemic process, but we do not expect a drastic decline in tourist numbers,” he said.

Explaining why Ukrainians preferred Antalya, he said “all-inclusive” holiday packages and clean beaches were some of the leading reasons.

He added that the beautiful nature and rich history of the province, along with high-quality service offered at hotels, attract the Ukrainians.

The Ukrainian official also thanked the Turkish government for helping his nationals, saying Ankara ensured the transfer of some 3,000 Ukrainians back to homeland amid virus outbreak.

* Writing by Ali Murat Alhas in Ankara

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