HARARE, Zimbabwe

Ahead of the 2021 Global Education Summit this week, the UK ambassador to Zimbabwe said her country is committed to helping Zimbabwean girls complete their basic education.

“Since 2017 the UK has annually supported 1.4 million of the poorest and most marginalized boys and girls. Over 4,500 rural remote primary and secondary schools have benefited through grants and basic supplies like furniture and learning materials,” Melanie Robinson said in a statement.

“The Zimbabwe girls education program has supported 57,000 marginalized girls to complete their education, and 3,600 bicycles have been provided so that girls can travel safely to and from schools,” she added.

The 2021 Global Education Summit is co-hosted by the UK and Kenya in London on July 28-29. The summit will see global community come together and support quality education for all children.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made girls’ education an even more urgent priority with 1.6 billion children and young people out of education around the world at the height of school closures.

Zimbabwe’s education system was seriously affected with at least 840,000, or 30% of schoolgirls, recorded to have dropped out of school mainly due to virus restrictions.

“I’m so pleased that Zimbabwe is working with the international community to tackle the complex barriers to girl’s education so that the girls can stay in school and dream for a better future,” the UK ambassador said.

Zimbabwe gained independence from the UK in 1980.

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