The number of fatalities in the UK from the novel coronavirus has reached 63,082 with a further 516 deaths in last 24 hours, according to data by British officials.

Since last week, the number of those tested positive rose by 12.7% to reach 113,654, as 20,964 more virus cases registered over the past day.

The rise in cases came at the end of the first week after a 4-week national lockdown ended on Dec. 3 in England.

According to official data, the capital London has the highest infection rate with an average of 191.8 per 100,000 people.

England’s 3-tiered system will be reviewed on Dec. 16, and regions in three different tiers will be going up or down in line with the rising or falling numbers.

“Everyone’s sacrifices over the past few weeks means cases have reduced significantly in many parts of the country,” medical director at Public Health England, Dr Yvonne Doyle, said.

“However, the decline has started to stall, and overall, infection rates remain high so we must all stay vigilant.”

The UK has rolled out mass vaccination earlier this week after Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine received approval from local regulators.

The vaccine provides 95% protection against the deadly virus.

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