British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told parliament on Wednesday that he plans to end all remaining COVID-19 restrictions this month.

“It is my intention to return on the first day after the half-term recess to present our strategy for living with COVID,” he told lawmakers.

“Providing the current encouraging trends in the data continue, it is my expectation that we will be able to end the last domestic restrictions, including the legal requirement to self-isolate if you test positive, a full month early.”

The restrictions were due to end on March 24, but Johnson now wants to end them on Feb. 21.

Former Brexit Minister Lord David Frost, who left the government due to disagreements over COVID restrictions, tweeted: “The PM’s plan to end all Covid restrictions a month early is the right thing to do & is extremely welcome.

“I hope the government will also make clear we will not go down the road of coercive lockdowns ever again.”

Johnson has been under pressure to resign after a string of leaks alleging that parties took place in Downing Street while the rest of the country was in lockdown.

He has since attempted to placate his backbench members of parliament, who have consistently raised objections to COVID-19 restrictions.

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