The UK’s Metropolitan Police on Sunday launched an investigation into death threats made against the leader of the opposition Labour Party.

The Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), an organization that monitors online hate speech, documented threats on the Telegram messaging app that called for Keir Starmer to be hanged or executed.

“Two sitting MPs have been murdered in the last six years. Telegram has made a calculated business decision to allow users to egg each other on to violence against named politicians with zero consequences,” said Imran Ahmed, the center’s chief executive.

“Just as they allow anti-vaxxers, incels and other fringe extremists to congregate on their platform. Fundamentally, this is a national security threat and we need to act fast,” Ahmed added.

According to the group, the death threats made against Starmer were an emboldened response to an angry mob that ambushed the Labour head and a colleague two weeks ago.

The mob was originally inspired by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s false slur accusing Starmer of protecting child abuser and pedophile Jimmy Savile by failing to prosecute him.

Johnson has refused to offer an apology to Starmer but instead described the incident as “absolutely disgraceful.” Parliamentarians from across the political spectrum criticized Johnson for his remarks and for not apologizing to Starmer.

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