A total of 20,634 people in the UK tested positive for the coronavirus on Thursday, taking the nationwide tally of cases past 3.892 million.

Over the past week, 148,725 people had a confirmed positive test result. This represents a 25.7% decrease in the number of cases compared to the previous week.

There were 915 deaths on Thursday. Over the past week, 7,124 people succumbed to the virus marking a 16.6% decrease in the number of fatalities.

The overall death toll stands at 110,250.

The UK reached a milestone on Wednesday with 10 million people inoculated with a first dose.

The latest R range for the UK is 0.7 to 1.1 with the current growth rate being -5% to 0% per day. The R number is a mechanism used to rate the virus’s ability to spread, with R being the number of people that one infected person will pass the virus on to.

The latest figures show that the rate of transmission of the novel virus is decreasing and that the number of confirmed positive cases as well as deaths are beginning to decline, a trend that is being followed across the world.

Additionally, the South African mutation of COVID-19 has been detected in a number of areas across the UK, including in major cities such as Liverpool, Bristol and the capital London.

The government has urged people to remain cautious and vigilant and to continue to abide by government restrictions and regulations.

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