UK’s top court on Thursday cleared head of Tunisia’s Ennahda party Rached Ghannouchi of tolerating terrorism. 

According to a statement by the movement, the case goes back to an article published by the London-based Middle East Online website which accused Ghannouchi of tolerating terrorism, claiming to be democratic, and receiving funds from a foreign country.

Ghannouchi “obtained a final ruling from the Supreme Court, after the newspaper and its representative failed to present a defense of the case and to prove their false allegations,” Ennahda said.

The movement pointed out: “This website belongs to one of the partners of the London-based Al-Arab newspaper, against which the movement’s leader previously won a previous case of defamation.”

Ennahda announced that Ghannouchi is currently filing other cases against the newspaper and “everyone who contributes to spreading lies”.

Prominent politician Ghannouchi became Speaker of the Tunisian Parliament on Nov. 13.

* Writing by Mahmoud Barakat

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