Uber announced on Monday that it will be cutting about 3,000 employees and reducing or shutting down about 45 offices worldwide.

The news comes less than two weeks after the first cuts of 3,700 employees. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi announced the layoffs in an email to his employees.

“These have been unprecedented and challenging times for everyone––our societies, our governments, our families, our economies, all around the world. They’ve also been challenging for Uber,” he wrote in the email, which is being circulated by news outlets.

The CEO announced that company revenue is down by 80% since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the wake of the coronavirus, Khosrowshahi said Uber needed to save money and redirect its attention to focus more on food delivery. In order to do so, the company will wind down some projects, like its AI Labs.

The last cuts on May 6 affected 14% of the company’s employees at the time of the layoffs. The CEO wrote in the email that he attempted to find solutions outside of letting go more employees.

However, Khosrowshahi said he was unable to find an answer because of the unknown future of the world amid the coronavirus.

“Ultimately, I realized that hoping the world would return to normal within any predictable timeframe, so we could pick up where we left off on our path to profitability, was not a viable option,” he said in the email.

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