BURSA, Turkiye

Golyazi in northwestern Turkiye, considered one of the prettiest towns in Europe, has been covered with a thick blanket of snow after a recent cold spell.

Known as “Little Venice,” Golyazi impresses visitors from around the world every season with its unique natural beauty.

It is built on the peninsula and described as “Little Venice” because of the elevation of the lake water level that reaches the front of houses during periods of heavy rainfall.

Experts date human settlements in Golyazi to 2,600 years, according to findings of excavations under Turkiye’s Culture and Tourism Ministry and the Bursa Municipality.

The Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) also named Golyazi as one of the 30 prettiest towns in Europe.

In the old town of Bursa, visitors enjoy magnificent sunsets and go on sandalwoods tours.

The head official of the town, Ibrahim Sahin, said it is one of the rare spots in the world with its history and location.

“When it snows in winter, due to its natural beauty and historical significance and being an island, with its white thick blanket, it resembles Venice and even it becomes more beautiful,” he said.

Sahin added that although the number of visitors to Golyazi increases in the summer, there is a lot to explore in the town during the winter.

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