Turkiye on Saturday vowed to continue supporting ethnic Turks of the Western Thrace region in Greece and to resolutely monitor their rights.

Marking the National Day of Resistance and Social Solidarity of Western Thrace, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said on Twitter that this day was a “turning point” in the struggle to secure their rights, as well as recognition of their identity as Turks.

It pledged to always stand with the Turks of Western Thrace, who it said “work devotedly for the exercise of these rights, especially the Elected Muftis.”

– Events of Jan. 29 in Western Thrace

In response to a decision by the Greek judiciary to close associations with the word Turk in their names, on the grounds that “there are no Turks in Greece,” in 1988, Turks in Western Thrace held a mass march on Jan. 29, 1988.

On the second year of these protests, some fanatical nationalist Greeks launched mass attacks against Turks in Komotini and Xanthi.

The Turkish minority of Western Thrace holds commemoration events every year on this day as part of the National Day of Resistance and Solidarity.

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