Turkiye on Friday marked the 70th anniversary of its membership to NATO.

In a statement, the country’s Foreign Ministry said: “During the Cold War era and after, Turkiye has been one of the responsible and leading members of the Alliance.

“In addition to the role she has played in defending NATO’s borders, Turkiye has made extensive contributions to its missions and operations, and in line with the fundamental values of the Alliance and through her principled and visionary approaches, she has been among the leading Allies that chart the course for NATO.”

“In this period where NATO of the 2030s is being discussed on the one hand, and comprehensive security challenges are faced on the other, our country is doing her share in terms of defence and security while making meaningful and genuine contributions to the process of change and transformation in NATO,” it added.

Turkiye will be resolute in pursuing efforts, particularly in the fight against all forms and manifestations of terrorism that threaten not only the country but the entire Euro-Atlantic region, so as to protect the security and stability within a 360-degree approach, the statement further said.

“In this respect, we expect our Allies to flawlessly display unity and the spirit of solidarity that constitute the bedrock of NATO,” the statement concluded.​​​​​​​

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