Turkiye on Thursday celebrated 30 years of diplomatic ties with Moldova by reiterating its commitment to safeguard the territorial integrity of the Eastern European state.

“We are pleased to see that our relations with Moldova, which we regard as a neighbor — though we do not have a common border — and an important friend and strategic partner for Turkiye, have developed on the basis of mutual respect and trust during the 30 years,” the ministry said in a statement.

“Our strategic partnership is a concrete reflection of the level of friendship between our countries,” the statement added.

Turkiye will continue to support “the territorial integrity, stability, prosperity and development of the Republic of Moldova in the coming period as it has in the past,” the statement further said.

Underlining the Gagauz Autonomous Region, which is an inseparable part of Moldova, as “an exemplary bridge of friendship and cooperation” between the two countries, the ministry said: “We firmly believe that a prosperous Gagauzia developing together with a strong Moldova will continue to further strengthen Turkiye-Moldova relations.”

The ministry expressed interest in working together with “Moldovan friends” in order to further enhance multi-faceted cooperation in all areas of bilateral relations in the coming decades.

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