An opening ceremony was held at the Gjakova city of Kosovo for Hysni Zajmi Health High School, repaired and equipped by the Turkish Military Representative to the NATO peacekeeping force in Kosovo on Wednesday.

Speaking at the ceremony, Kosovo Education and Science Minister Rame Likaj said Turkey had great assistance in establishing peace in Kosovo during the war and establishing the country afterwards.

“It is an extraordinary help, especially in this difficult period when we are facing the epidemic,” said Likaj.

Turkey’s Ambassador in Pristina Cagri Sakar said they are proud of the projects realized in accordance with the fraternal relations between the people of Turkey and Kosovo.

Anas Bekoll, a student of the Health High School told Anadolu Agency that he wants to continue his higher education in Turkey.

The project included the renovation and maintenance of the physiotherapy classrooms as well as repairing of the lighting system.

Also, educational materials such as laptops and projectors and materials, including electrotherapy devices and weight sets used in the field of physiotherapy were donated.

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