The Turkish Treasury’s cash balance posted a surplus of 64.26 billion Turkish liras ($7.57 billion) last month, the Treasury and Finance Ministry announced on Tuesday.

In August, Treasury’s cash revenues totaled 175.2 billion liras ($20.64 billion).

Its expenditures, including interest payments of 12.56 billion liras ($1.48 billion), reached some 110.95 billion liras ($13.07 billion).

Non-interest expenditures amounted to 98.37 billion liras ($11.59 billion), but there were 76.83 billion liras ($9.05 billion) of surplus in the primary balance.

Last month’s cash surplus of $7.57 billion represented the Treasury’s cash revenues minus expenditures, including interest payments.

The US dollar/Turkish lira monthly exchange rate averaged 8.4857 in August 2021.

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