KAZAN, Tatarstan

Turkey’s trade minister on Thursday called on Islamic countries to consume consciously and not wastefully.

“As Islamic countries, we are all responsible for Muslims living in hunger and poverty,” Mehmet Mus said on the second day of Kazan Summit 2021, of which Anadolu Agency is the global communications partner.

Islamic countries should make efforts at the highest levels to ensure that not only Muslims, but all humanity can live in peace and not suffer from poverty and hunger, Mus said.

Pointing to the policies in the Western world for a more sustainable lifestyle such as the European Green Deal, Mus urged people to avoid excesses.

Muslims should act more sensitively and set an example to the world, Mus said, adding: “As Muslims, of course, an important meaning of conscious consumption is to choose ‘halal’ in the broad sense.”

He said that halal is not limited to food but has a wide range of products from textile to pharmacy, adding: “It is estimated that the Muslim population, the target audience of this market, will double in 25 years.”​​​​​​​

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