Turkey on Thursday called on the international community to take seriously the threat posed by the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO), which orchestrated the 2016 defeated coup in Turkey. 

In a column titled, We face a new-generation terrorist group, for English language Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah, Mevlut Cavusoglu said weakness in the fight against FETO would encourage all terrorist organizations that, under various pretexts, sought to wreak destruction.

“The international community’s support in this fight against FETO is vital for the security of our countries in the face of the threats posed by this terrorist group, and for our common values,” Cavusoglu said, urging action “before it is too late.”

Underscoring that many members of the terror group took advantage of liberal legal systems, applying for asylum using false pretenses, he said it was “high time” to take concrete steps against the FETO terrorist group.

“The illusion created by a post-modern terrorist network, which has adapted to the 21st century, can be extremely effective. FETO, a terrorist group of the new generation, has penetrated the ‘capillary vessels’ of the state, the economy and civil society in Turkey, according to its own statements,” he noted.

Highlighting that Fetullah Gulen, FETO’s US-based ringleader, organized and directed the group to present the structure as a “hizmet (service) movement,” he said FETO gradually infiltrated all the institutions in the country, including the military, judiciary, business world and media.

He went on to say that FETO has developed a broad and tightly organized “esoteric cult structure” in which members completely hide their identities at all levels and unquestioningly obey the group’s leader.

“They secretly wiretapped, blacklisted, blackmailed and imprisoned thousands with the help of their own prosecutors and judges, and in many cases, they murdered those who stood in their way,” he said.

Underlining that FETO indoctrinated children and young people for its future goals under their educational institutions, he added that through imprisonment, they eliminated dozens of civilians, judges and security officers who might have resisted them.

“Strategically important state institutions, in particular the Turkish Armed Forces and judicial institutions, were insidiously staffed with people who were absolutely loyal to the group,” he said, adding that the group has used all means, including fraud in government-administered entry exams into high schools, universities and government, including security forces.

To finance their activities, FETO resorted to front companies, forgery and financial extortion, Cavusoglu stressed.

When FETO realized that its secret activities had been uncovered, it took its bloodiest step and attempted the July 15 defeated coup, which left 251 people martyred and nearly 2,700 injured, he said.

“The Turkish Parliament, the cradle of democracy, was bombed, as if in a war of aggression, by fighter jets stolen from NATO’s second-largest military. They did not shy away from shooting at civilians, attempting to assassinate the president and attacking intelligence service, police and gendarmerie units, as well as a satellite broadcasting center and communication networks,” he added.

Stressing that the group aimed to violently overthrow Turkey’s democratic, secular and social constitutional order, he said the commitment to democracy of those people who stopped tanks driven by FETO-member soldiers on July 15, 2016, was an example to the world.

“We observe that FETO is trying to give the impression that it ‘represents the values of European Islam,’ hiding behind notions like integration and dialogue. Likewise, FETO members try to portray the terrorist group as if it is ‘a victim of human rights violations in a political struggle,'” he added.

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