A retired teacher in Turkey survived cancer with an operation carried out on his birthday.

Aydin Karakoc, who lives in the northwestern Kirklareli province, suffered from dizziness two years ago.

Karakoc, who is also the chairman of the provincial assembly, visited the hospital on his daughter’s insistence. After examination, he learned that he had colon cancer.

After receiving treatment at the hospital, he had a successful surgery carried out on his birthday.

Karakoc told Anadolu Agency that determination is the biggest weapon in the fight against cancer.

“I did not give up my hobbies. I went out into nature and took photos.”

“I did not detach from life for even a day,” he said, noting that laughter is the best medicine.

“If you detach from life, your immune system will completely fall,” he stressed, underlining the importance of a strong immune system during the process.

He added that maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding smoking and alcohol, sleeping well, and spending time on hobbies make people look to the future with hope.

*Writing by Gozde Bayar

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