BURSA, Turkey

Turkish scientists discovered a new species of bacteria that causes disease in rainbow trout.

Soner Altun, a veterinary professor from Bursa Uludag University, and his team discovered Pseudomonas Sivasensis.

In a statement, Altun said Turkey had one of the highest capacities for rainbow trout farming among European countries.

He added that to ensure the sustainability of trout farming, the factors causing disease in the fish should be determined, and protection and control measures should be taken.

The discovery of Pseudomonas Sivasensis was published in the scientific journal Systematic and Applied Microbiology, Altun said. “The bacteria was named Pseudomonas Sivasensis after collaboration with Spanish researchers.”

He underlined that efforts were ongoing to identify and name different bacterial species that cause illnesses in farmed fish, as well as to develop and administer vaccines against such diseases.

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