Turkish scientists are seeking to use bacteria to strengthen the flooring and extend the life span of historical buildings.

Scientists discovered that the bacteria, Viridibacillus Arenosi, produces enzymes that fill up soil — making it stick together.

A team of scientists from various universities found out that the bacteria increased the strength of the ground making it suitable for construction. It also strengthens concrete.

Harun Akoguz, who has been researching the issue for seven years at the Erzincan Binali Yildirim University, said this was a low-cost method to extend the life of old or historical structures.

This latest discovery will contribute to the construction industry both economically and scientifically, Hakan Yalciner, the chair of the Civil Engineering Department at the same university, told Anadolu Agency.

This method uses bacteria easily available in nature in the ground, he said, adding that it can also be used to repair cracks in reinforced concrete structures, he added.

“So, we consider this development important and innovative,” he added.

*Writing by Faruk Zorlu in Ankara

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