Turkish offshore solo sailor Tolga Pamir reached the Bosphorus as part of his journey which includes crossing four Turkish seas without stopping. 

Pamir, who began his journey in the Hopa district of Artvin, seeks to navigate 1,500 nautical miles across the Black Sea, Marmara Sea, Aegean Sea, and Mediterranean Sea, using only wind and sails, as part of the organization of the Turkish Sailing Federation.

Pamir arrived on the shores of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge after a seven-day journey on the Black Sea.

It is forbidden to use any kind of engine on this track’

Pamir told Anadolu Agency on Friday that using any kind of engine on this track is not allowed.

“The engine on the boat is sealed. After the start, you can only use only the wind and sailing parts to continue the track and pass the crossing points,” he said.

“There are different seas in the world. We also have the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Marmara, and Aegean seas with different characters. They all have their own character. I have not had the opportunity to do this until now. I am very glad that I did this in the seas of our country in this beautiful geography. I am proud of it,” he added.

*Writing by Muhammed Enes Calli in Ankara

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