The Turkish president on Sunday expressed his gratitude for healthcare workers on the occasion of the national March 14 Medicine Day.

“I greet you and your family with my most heartfelt feelings and congratulate you on the Medicine Day. I am grateful to you and all your colleagues for your services for our nation and all humanity,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a letter penned to mark the day also known as Doctors’ Day.

Erdogan’s letter is the first piece of a digital letter campaign organized by Lutfen Platformu (the Please Platform), which was established to raise awareness on social issues.

The campaign was launched with the slogan “Let’s write a letter for those who make history” and it aims to convey the feelings and thoughts of people for healthcare professionals serving with great devotion amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It will last until April via

Praising the efforts and sacrifice of healthcare staff during the fight against coronavirus, Erdogan stressed: “Our healthcare professionals – who could not go to their homes for weeks, and not hug their children and loved ones – have worked day and night to help our citizens regain their health as soon as possible.”

He said their sacrifice and efforts are of very important in Turkey’s COVID-19 fight, which set an example all around the world.

Turkey’s struggle against the virus has not been over yet, the president said, urging people to work together until the threat is completely eliminated.

Erdogan also stated that they put effort to support the national health system in addition to steps for normalization from the coronavirus.

He appreciated the healthcare workers for serving the nation with heart and soul in the worst health disaster of the last century.

“I wish Allah’s mercy once again upon your colleagues who lost their lives in the fight against the pandemic. We will continue to support and stand by you financially and morally as we have done till now.”

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