Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday released a message marking the Christian holiday of Easter.

“I congratulate with my sincerest feelings our Christian citizens of various churches and groups on Easter, one of their most important feasts,” said Erdogan, according to a statement from Turkey’s Communications Directorate.

“The rich mosaic constructed by each and every individual of our nation sets a stunning example to the world in terms of coexisting freely in peace on the basis of mutual respect,” he added.

“Sharing our Christian citizens’ joy on Easter, I strongly believe that such features of ours as unity and solidarity, which form the basis of our nation, will forever be passed on from one generation to another,” he said.

“With these feelings and thoughts, I once again congratulate all our Christian citizens and all the Christians in the world on Easter and wish them well-being,” he added.

Easter, marked on April 4 for Western Christians and May 2 for Eastern Orthodox Christians, marks the crucifixion of Jesus and his resurrection three days later.

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