CORUM, Turkey 

Turkish paraglider Oguzkan Sadeer sailed eight hours and 15 minutes in his trial flight over Turkey’s central Anatolian region Tuesday.

Turkish international athlete Sadeer, took off at the Asma Tepe location in the Bayat district of Corum at 10.00 a.m. (0700GMT).

He landed near Konya at around 18.15 p.m. (1515GMT) after flying 296 kilometers (183 miles) with the help of thermal air currents.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Ali Karinliogu, the chair of aeroclub in Corum, said that they are happy to complete an attempt to set a record successfully.

”The current paragliding record in Turkey was 8 hours and 15 minutes and now we challenged the record by flying 296 kilometers (183 miles). In addition, we set the regional record. He also performed today’s best flight across the world. We are happy,” he said.

*Writing by Muhammed Enes Calli

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