A Turkish colonel was appointed as the deputy commander of NATO’s Sarajevo base in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey announced Friday.

Following the appointment of army Col. Olcay Denizer, Turkey’s National Defense Ministry said in a statement that the country’s military fulfilled important duties in Bosnia and Herzegovina and noted Sarajevo’s efforts to join NATO.

A ceremony at Bosnia’s Butmir military post was held to mark the assignment of the deputy command to Turkey.

The event was attended by Turkey’s Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Haldun Koc, EUFOR Commander Maj. Gen. Reinhard Trischak, NATO Sarajevo Headquarters Brig. Gen. Eric Folkstad and Military Attache Colonel Mustafa Sitki Tatar, as well as the head of the Turkish Representative Committee, Colonel Selim Gokcegoz.

Denizer’s post is of critical importance as he will oversee efforts towards Bosnia and Herzegovina’s accession into the alliance, with the Political-Military Advisors and Technical Military Advisors branches coming under his command.

*Writing by Merve Aydogan

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