This week the 13th Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum spotlighted billion-dollar infrastructure projects for global investors, including attractive transportation projects in Turkey.

“We believe that Turkey has some of the most sophisticated infrastructure companies, policies, and projects in the world,” said Norman Anderson, CEO of CG-LA Infrastructure, the Washington, DC-based organizer of the forum, held virtually on Thursday.

Turkey has built a strong infrastructure over the last decade, he said.

“Turkey’s projects at the forum were first class, some of the best opportunities in the world,” Anderson told Anadolu Agency.

Suggesting that infrastructure can help restart the global economy, Anderson said countries need to come together in this effort.

“Turkey should be at the forefront of a global initiative – it will help Turkey show leadership, and help the world,” he added.

He stressed that the event focuses on the top 100 global projects.

“We want to recognize ‘leadership,’ since no great project is ever accomplished without someone being in charge, and pushing through all of the barriers that are put in the way of getting things done,” Anderson noted.

He pointed to the importance of connecting great projects and their leadership with the resources they need, such as expertise, technology and investment, to make the projects happen and lead the way in COVID-19 recovery.

Anderson explained that the forum had a global list of roughly 250 projects before paring it down to 100 through a scoring mechanism.

The projects cover 10 infrastructure sectors, including transport, energy, digital, mining, tourism and water besides schools and hospitals.

“This year’s forum hosted over 46 live project presentations worth a combined total of $175 billion in project opportunities, with 88 industry-leading speakers from more than 20 different countries representing six continents,” Anderson stressed.

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