Turkish manufacturing industry’s capacity utilization rate slightly dropped on a monthly basis in December, the nation’s Central Bank said on Friday.

The industry used 75.6% of its capacity this month, down 0.2 percentage point from last month, the bank survey revealed.

The capacity utilization figures are based on the responses given to its business tendency survey by local units operating in the manufacturing industry, according to the bank.

It also said that the monthly data does not reflect the bank’s views or predictions.

Among more than 20 sectors, the highest capacity usage was seen in the manufacturing of wood and wood/cork products – excluding furniture – with 83.4% this month.

The lowest capacity utilization rate was seen in the beverages sector, with 55.6%.

On the main industrial groups’ side, the highest capacity utilization rate was 77.6% for intermediate goods, while the lowest capacity usage was 71% for non-durable consumer goods.

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