Turkey’s first lady on Monday called for taking steps against climate change to stop hunger, drought, and migration for the better future of the world.

“Today, the world’s most important agenda is the climate crisis. In this regard, the alarm bell rings non-stop,” said Emine Erdogan in a video message played at a webinar – titled Road to 2030 Sustainability – held as part of the Global Hope Festival.

“[Climate crisis] affects many areas, from the breath we take to the food chain,” Erdogan added.

She said that if the world does not take steps in favor of a change, “hunger, drought and migration will be the destiny of the world in the future.”

“Every wrong step we take can be a disaster for future generations,” the first lady said, adding everyone must take environmental issues very seriously.

Erdogan called for actively involving children and young people in the fight against climate change and for encouraging children from an early age to observe the no-harm principle in every step they take.

“The environmental awareness of young people should not be limited to the science projects they prepare as homework,” she said, adding they should see that these projects are not just for school, but play a part in professional life.

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