A Turkish construction firm, Dorce Prefabrik has been creating high-quality projects based on an approach focusing on the simplicity of the design and efficiency of the assembly.

The construction industry develops new methods to respond to customer needs and labor-related challenges in the light of technological developments, according to a press release issued by the company on Thursday.

On the digital prefabrication field, which produces various building components through digital data, the statement said it is in the front line of the development of the construction industry.

Prefabricated building elements offer high-quality projects with lower costs, it noted.

Both concepts, the Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) and Design in Modular Construction (DIMC), support an industry transition from the on-site construction to ready-made prefabricated buildings, the firm said.

Dorce manufactures prefabricated modular building components through direct building information modeling, exactly in accordance with the project requirements.

The company integrates the digital fabrication of the building components, that make up the main structure, into its projects from the beginning of the design process.

Digital prefabrication, which reduces labor in the field, increases quality, cuts costs, and speeds up the construction program, offers opportunities such as higher quality, cost control, accelerated work schedule, sustainability, and applicability, according to the firm.

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