BURSA, Turkey

An upcoming Turkish film festival will honor the lives of seven Muslim scientists who were pioneers in the field of medicine.

They include Ibn Sina, the father of modern medicine; Al Biruni, a renowned polymath; Ibn al Jazzar, who was the first to diagnose leprosy; Ibn al Nafis, who was the first to describe the pulmonary circulation of blood; Avempace, the Andalusian philosopher and scientist; Al Zahrawi, who is known as the father of surgery; and Al Razi, who was a pioneer in pediatrics and ophthalmology.

The 8th International Yed-i Velayet 7 Provinces Short Film Festival will focus on the scientists who lived through the Golden Age of Islam.

Entries will be accepted until May 1.

The event will be held in the western city of Bursa, which was also the first capital of the Ottoman Empire before the conquest of Istanbul.

Prizes will be given in seven categories.

Eda Surmeli, head of the festival, said: “This period is what Europe calls the Dark Ages. It is the Golden Age of Islam.” She was describing the period between 500-1000 C.E.

She noted that this year’s theme was chosen to thank the health workers who are fighting the coronavirus on the frontline.

*Writing by Havva Kara Aydin

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