The head of a Turkish parliamentary delegation said Friday that they want to represent Turkiye’s historical mission and vision in Latin America.

“Latin America is a region where we have been making efforts to bring our relations to a certain level, both economically and politically, for many years. We want to represent the historical mission and vision of Turkiye coming from the Ottoman Empire in those geographies,” Ali Sahin, a senior Turkish lawmaker, told Anadolu Agency.

The Latin American Parliament (Parlatino) is a regional, permanent organization comprised of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Sahin noted that the Turkish delegation, as an observer, would attend the general assembly of the Parlatino in Panama on Feb.10-12.

“We aim to bring a parliamentary dimension to Turkiye’s foreign policy axis in Latin America,” he said.

He noted that they would explore how they can make some progress in economic, political, and cultural areas between Turkiye and Latin American countries.

“We live in a time in which all borders and distances have disappeared, especially with the internet age and new technologies. In this period in which the borders have disappeared, it is out of the question for us to remain silent and indifferent to the Latin American geography and the American continent,” he said.

‘We will meet Armenians with roots in Anatolia’

Sahin, who is from southeastern Gaziantep province, noted that there were Armenians with roots in Anatolia in Latin America.

“We will come together with them and make an effort to open a new page again,” he said.

Sahin said they did some research on Armenians living in many Latin American countries, especially in Argentina.

“They are mostly of Anatolian origin. In this process, we will also have a cultural effort to meet and get in touch with them again,” he added.

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